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What is CONNECT?
CONNECT is first and foremost about you. The conference, hosted by IST, provides an opportunity to grow and transform, interact and learn from colleagues, and share your knowledge with other IT professionals in the industry. It is also an opportunity to see how departmental teams and individual contributions make a difference at the university.
What might I learn at CONNECT?

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the people you work and interact with, including other groups and individuals who help make your work possible.

Throughout the conference, you’ll experience a sense of community and how your work functions to make a difference to your department, and the university.

What will be discussed at CONNECT?

Presenters will speak on topics in four separate tracks: Changing and Transforming; Serving the University; Making an Impact and Transforming You. Through these tracks, you’ll discover how IT is making a difference across the university.

Who will be speaking at CONNECT?

The majority of presentations will be from your friends and neighbours who work in IT. You’ll recognize many of the faces at the front of the room who are presenting, and if you don’t, now is the perfect chance to meet them.

Françoise Morrisette will deliver the keynote address on the transformation of IT departments and the shifting environment. She will also discuss the interrelationships of teams and technologies that make up a large IT department.

Where and when is CONNECT this year?

The CONNECT conference will be held in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) on June 24, 2015.

Registration and breakfast starts at 7:30 AM followed by the opening remarks at 8:15 AM.

When must I register for CONNECT?

The registration deadline for CONNECT is June 5, 2015.

Why do I have to register for CONNECT?

As with any other conference, registration helps us to know who will be attending and what allocations for lunch should be made based on your selection.

What must I bring to CONNECT?

To attend the conference, you will need to bring your OneCard and government-issued ID. If you are joining us from outside the university, only a government-issued ID is necessary.

To leave as little environmental impact as possible, we ask that conference attendees bring along a water bottle or coffee mug to use throughout the day.

Otherwise, we recommend an open attitude, a smile on your face and encourage engagement with the presenters.

How are presentations chosen for CONNECT?

Presentations are selected by a committee of your peers, others who, like you, work in IT. If you submitted a presentation, you should hear in the first week of June whether you’ve been chosen to present.

This sounds great, anything else I should know?

As if the conference were not enough fun by itself, there will also be a continental breakfast supplied, a lunch for registered participants, and an after party with a Mario Kart game tournament. How could you not want to go?

Where can I register for the Mario Kart tournament?

Registration will be available through the website in the next few weeks. Watch your inboxes and the CONNECT website for more information.

May I be a Volunteer?

Thank you for your interest. We appreciate your enthusiasm for CONNECT however the call for volunteers is now closed.