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Changing and Transforming

This track highlights how IT changes and benefits the way people interact with technology.

The real value of IT comes from the change it makes within the Institution; new applications mean new ways of doing things, streamlining processes or changing the way we access tools and information.

Serving the University

This track is about highlighting how we serve the University.

IT is in a unique position in the organization in that we get to interact with everyone. Interactions can be as simple as direct person-to-person communication or through implementing something that meets a specific need.

Making an Impact

This track is about how IT tools make an impact on the University.

If you want to make an impact to an organization, do it with IT. There is great potential within the organization that IT can help unleash. This track is about how IT can make an impact to help push the University closer to achieving its goals.

Transforming You

This track is our wild card track. It is about you.

To be effective IT professionals we need to always be pushing the boundaries, both in our personal and professional lives, of what we know and what we can do. We need to be creative and think outside of the box.

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