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In 2015, IST will be implementing a new financial management solution for IT. This will enable IST to establish a framework for determining the cost of IT services and improve visibility of these cost, which are two components for aligning IT services with the customer requirements.

Most Identity and Access Management initiatives fail and often with millions of dollars of sunk costs. However, IAM programs are critical to the ability of the organization to function.

Tribal is a leading global provider of systems and services to education. This session provides an overview of Tribal’s integrated approach to student management and offers case study examples of innovative partnership projects that are defining how information technologies can transform the delivery of learning.

eClass is the centrally supported Learning Management System (LMS) at the University of Alberta. In this presentation, we will provide an overview of the features, usage, and opportunities available in eClass. We will provide examples of how eClass is typically used in credit courses, but also how its tools can be used to meet a diverse range of needs for staff, faculty, or students at the University of Alberta.

Demo of end to end solution which involves scanning paper documents in the scanner, extracting metadata with Ephesoft and finally filing documents into Alfresco. We will also show how documents can be searched in Alfresco.

As Post Secondary Institutions work closer together to find ways to save money every project is going to run into the same problems. How do we make sure the right users have access to the right things? How do we offer new services by minimizing support costs? How do we make the user experience as seamless as possible?

Gartner recently defined Gamification as, “the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.” This concept is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world around us. This talk will approach Gamification from two perspectives.

Many of our staff and students can feel afraid or left out when it comes to technology. These apprehensions are largely due to the lack of understanding of the technology tools used in their daily lives. Even staff and students that arrive prepared to use today’s technology often fall behind or are simply not exposed to new tools that can improve their productivity. In this session, you will see how the “DidUknow” technology training initiative was launched in order to address this gap.

Test your knowledge both against yourself and your peers as contestants face off in a Jeopardy! game with IST and University-based trivia. Each of the three contestants will navigate a fast-paced trivia game showing off their knowledge and learning more in the process.

We (IST) opened a new arm of our Service Desk in October 2014 that is solely focused on face to face interactions with our clients. During business hours the new Service Desk is divided between an open concept service point and general purpose space that is available for any member of the University to use as they like. After hours, the space is entirely available for general purpose use.

Presented by Phyllis Clark. The Office of the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Information Technology) has created five awards to recognized the outstanding efforts of the University of Alberta’s talented information technology faculty, staff, and students.

Ashton Wong will present on his experience moving from primarily client-facing roles to supporting critical IT infrastructure that people expect to be available at all times. Come discover his perspectives and challenges faced with this transition.

As a trend that is gaining steam within the K-12 school system, some post-secondary institutions and through many community initiatives, the Maker Movement (a.k.a HackerSpace) approach to technology learning is leading to quick skill acquisition, increased creativity and real innovation. Not only will this trend change the way that technology is used in classrooms, it may change the way that you continue to update and enhance your technical skills.

The only constant is change. It may be a cliché, but it’s true. Whether we’re deploying a new application, upgrading infrastructure, revamping business processes or even moving offices, it’s all about change. How we manage that change has a significant impact on how successful its implementation will be.

he University of Alberta is partaking in a number of shared services initiatives with Alberta Higher Education institutions with the goal of creating a functioning provincial IT shared service ecosystem that allows all institutions to benefit from the collective expertise and scale economies of the sector.

How to use the weather, a simple DIY smoker and host of electronics to create a good quality cold smoked salmon. This presentation discusses using raspberry pi together with a number of temperature, humidity, and smoke sensors in order to gain a better insight (and repeatability) into the process of cold smoking salmon.

Join us in this fast paced session with our ServiceNow SysAdmins as they open a vault of secrets hidden within the tool. Hear how others are using ServiceNow and leave armed with tricks and tips about tool improvements, gauges, reporting and more.

We are pleased to announce this year Françoise Morissette will be joining us as keynote speaker. Françoise is an internationally-acclaimed author and expert in systems transformation, leadership, and talent management and will be speaking on the evolving role of Information Technology.

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Since their introduction to WWW for search over a decade ago, Google has consistently been one of the most innovative technology companies. So where is Google headed next?

Serving the University – What does a Business Analyst do? This questions has been asked many times. The answers range from “I don’t really know” to “They ask a lot of questions and write a lot”; but what value does a Business Analyst bring to the University?

Calling all citizens of Alberta! Did you know that earthworms are not native to most of Canada and are invading our forests? As part of the Citizen Science movement, the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta has built an app for Android and iOS users that allows citizen scientists to collect and share data about earthworms across the province.